Self-help Quiz

 The Avoidant Personality Disorder SELF-HELP Quiz! (In-Work)

Wondering if you truly have  Avoidant Personality Disorder?
This confidential questionaire may help you and your mental health professional connect the dots. This is not a a clinical document however and is being offered as only a self
help guide. Please do not add any
identifying information to the fields. By filling this out you are not only helping yourself but are helping us with our mission to educate and lend advocacy to those who suffer with Avoidant Personality Disorder
Note: Many people with AVPD will have
co-morbid features in conjunction
with Avoidant behavior. If you don’t have overlapping traits of other disorders, this does not mean you do not have AVPD…it just means you are quite lucky!
Take this test/Answer these Questions:
Do you avoid people you are familiar
with, ie. family, friends, neighbors, coworkers?
Do you avoid strangers and other unfamiliar interactions with people?
Are you avoiding people because you
generally feel people are untrustworthy?
I feel there is a lot of anger
in me. Y/n
What kind of things makes you anxious, ie. crowded places, noise, light, feeling of being intruded upon, having to show up at work, being the center or the focus of others attention. (Check all that

Do you fear the judgement of others?
Have you tried to reach out to people but have… (check only one).
felt rebuffed or rejected by them
felt too vulnerable to
continue exposing yourself to the risk.
Are you very dependent upon another
person, ie. spouse, parent, sibling?
Please explain.
Have you had difficulty maintaining a job due to: check all that applies
Fear of scrutiny from boss and co workers
Fear of not fitting into the workplace culture.
Job performance demands that you think you can’t meet.
Showing up in an everyday routine is just to painful for you because you feel overly exposed and vulnerable.
Can’t seem to catch on to the job reqirements.
Have never worked and am reliant
on disability, family, spouse.
Please specify.
Have you ever thought you had a
(platonic) connection with another person only to be let down by the other person?

What were the reasons, check all that applies:
I ran away from the connection because I am too afraid of my own feelings and become too uncomfortable seeing them again.
I don’t know what happened. I feel like I tried to be a good friend but people always turn out not to be interested in me.
When I meet a person I like I end up talking or saying too much and think I overwhelm the other person. I get embarrassed and don’t try to reconnect with them again.
I don’t want to be dependent on anyones friendship. Friendships
feel too complicated to me.
I don’t really feel like people
have my back. it seems like
most people need you when they
need you but when I’ve needed
them they aren’t around much.
I start something with somebody
but become overwhelmed. I can’t
seem to juggle my life and people
in it at the same time.
I’ve felt betrayed by people.
I don’t really want friends
and feel really OK about being
alone. I prefer solitude. Y/n

Are you better at talking with strangers for brief moments of connection because you want to feel energy between you and other human beings but beyondt that it gets harder to maintain contact? (Y/N).
What happens and how do you feel when this happens? Explain.
Do you ever go out of your way
to avoid people in the supermarket,
bank or other public places, if you know them? Y/n
Do you usually wear sunglasses even when its cloudy out in an attempt
to hide part of your face? Y/n
Will you avoid going back for a haircut to the SAME person and instead go to another place the next time? Y/n
Do you like having a personal selection of public places to go to. For eg. you’d rather not frequent the same place where you have to engage
the same person(s) there. Y/N
Are you relaxed and comfortable when you become more familiar with people
and places y/n
Have you had a past history of neglect, bullying, abuse as a child or have you had experiences of rejection, judgement from within your peer group or with other family members? Please explain.
Were your parents or caregivers loving, detached, present, nurturing, unresponsive, shaming, overbearing etc? Please explain.
Did either of your parents drink?

When do you think your Avoidant behavior started?
Do you believe it started when
you were a child or much later?
Was or is anyone in your family
avoidant or have other issues
with anxiety? (y/n)
Do you struggle with depression?
Are you using medication and
is it helping? please explain.
Have you had a lot of trouble
sleeping or do you fade out
as soon as your head hits the
pillow? Explain.

Choose all that apply:
Have you ever been diagnosed with (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Y/N
Have you ever been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
” ” ” with General Anxiety Disorder or Social Phobia?
Have you ever been Agoraphobic?
Do you have intense moments of
paranoia? (Y/N)

Have you used drugs or alcohol, sex,
food, cutting to cope with intense insecurity, stress, anger or fear? Please explain.
Do you believe you suffer from a low self concept? (Y/N)
Do you think you have high self-esteem in only selective areas of your life? (Y/N)
Have you avoided finishing school
because of Avoidant behavior? Y/n
Have you always struggled with a
sense of inner defeat when trying
something new? Y/N

Check all that apply:
In groups you…
are Shy and quiet
Quietly observing
Speak with ease
Speak with dis-ease
Feel nervous
Feel exposed
Want to talk but feel afraid
Feel too anxious
Feel angry and annoyed
Get tongue tied
Like to stand out
are Life of the party
feel rejected and ignored
In one on one situations you…
Are more open
Feel too exposed
Are at a loss for words
Genuinely happy for the company
Judge yourself harshly
Over analyze your words
Wish you could act more natural
Can’t wait to get away from the
Do you secretly feel you are
superior in intelligence to
others? Do people bore you?
Are you intimidated by people
who … (check all that apply).
are smarter
better looking
appear to have more confidence
you feel has everything together
is in authority
are more confident
Have you ever hid behind a false
persona to give another impression of yourself instead of what you really feel, where…
in online places
at work
with neighbors, friends or family
with strangers

Do you struggle with self acceptance
and shame? (Y/N)
Do you find you judge people harshly?
Do you think you are more sensitive and intuitive than most people?
(Y/N) please explain.
Do you have major control issues?
Please list some of them.
Do you…
stutter over words when you speak
have a hard time with eye contact
blur out what others are saying
feel overly concerned with how
you are looking or acting
Do you need (check all that apply)
alot of privacy
alone time
a sense of anonymity
Have you ever fantasized or daydreamed for long periods
of time and lost track of
time? Yes/No
Have you ever been diagnosed with
or observed yourself to have compulsive behaviors such as
the following: check all that
hair pulling, ie eyelashes, scalp or body hair (trichotillmania)
skin picking, rubbing, tearing,
sucking or eating of materials such as sponges, cardboard or fabric
eating food (binge or compulsive)
hoarding and clutter
excessive masterbation
Other compulsions or habits not mentioned here:
Do your compulsions feel…
(check all that apply)
out of control
occassional or only when stressed
Do you have the ability to speak
confidently, connect with other
people and generally feel good
about how you present yourself?

Do you feel this is a mask?
In the past have you had the
ability to speak confidently,
connect with other people and generally feel good about how
you present yourself but now
something has changed and you
feel you are no longer able?
Please explain
Do world events frighten you
and do you feel strongly about
the political climate and how
it effects your world?

Romantic or sexual relationships:
I am afraid to become romantically
involved with other people. (Y/N)
I am not interested in having a
romantic relationship with anyone.
I have been in a long term
relationship or are married.
I feel bad that my spouse or
partner is “burdened” with
me. (Y/N)
I feel good that I was able
to enter into a relationship
and have the support of a
caring partner. (Y/n)
I feel too dependent on partner
and am ashamed that I could not
be more emotionally and financially
independent. (Y/n)
When I get involved with someone
it starts to unravel and my hopes
about being together starts to
dissolve as I give up (Y/n)
I want a relationship because I
believe it will “cure” me of
my AVPD or fix whatever is
broken in me. (Y/N)
I have kids and feel my avoidance
is effecting them. (Y/n) Please
only answer if you are a parent.
I have regrets about being with
my partner or spouse.  Y/N

I have faith in a higher power or
some other spiritually and or
philosophical belief system.
What are your passions in life?
Please specify.
What kinds of things have you done
to help get a handle on Stress, Anxiety, Fear?
Is there anything that helps you be LESS Avoidant? What?
Are you in therapy or do you practice
other forms of self healing, please explain.
Of all the areas where Avoidant PD effects your life, which is the area you would like to work on most and why? Please explain.

I am a Male participant.
I am a female participant.

Is there anything else we haven’t covered that you’d like to see
on this questionaire? If so what, please specify.

This is a confidential questionairre. There is no personalidentifying information given or displayed from this site. There are no names, addresses or Ips listed or exchanged on or offsite in conjunction  with this survey.
We are using this format only to  educate participants and those whose
advocacy we seek.
Thank you for participating and we hope it helps you along the way on your journey.
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